214 lacrosse

Our Mission


We believe in building well-rounded, student-athletes who excel on the field, in the classroom and in their communities. We believe in teaching our players valuable life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, friendship, the importance of being kind to others, and a strong work ethic. Our goal is that these skills follow them through every aspect of their lives.

The 214 Edge is all about putting the players first. We strive to develop not only exceptional athletes but also well rounded young women. We mold our members into strong, confident, and compassionate leaders. The mental toughness they gain through 214 is what will prepare them to excel in every aspect of their futures. We are not just about lacrosse; we are about lacrosse and everything else that brings us together. We are organized as a sports club, but we operate as a family.

  • EXCEL at educating each individual based on their personal learning styles
  • DEVELOP young girls into responsible well rounded women
  • GROW each individual, grow the game, grow our family
  • EMPOWER our 214 family members to lead in their own way